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The Arkansas Humanities Resource Center (AHRC) collection includes exhibits, videotapes, slide/tape programs, audio CDs, video CDs and DVDs, and other audio resources.  These materials are for use by Arkansas audiences only.

Exhibits are listed in the first section of the catalog and are arranged according to subject.

Videotapes, CDs, DVDs, and slide/tape programs are arranged in the next section according to subject. These materials are listed alphabetically under each subject heading.
  • At the end of some subject area listings, users are directed to relevant titles listed under other subjects.
  • The available formats, running time, and production date of each media item follow the title.
  • CC following the date indicates the video is Closed Captioned for teaching English as a second language and for the hearing impaired
Audio resources are arranged in the next section and include audio tapes and records.

While our exhibits can serve audiences of all ages, most of our video resources are appropriate for the 7th grade level and up. Please contact the AHRC office for information on specific titles.

The AHRC also houses numerous publications about Arkansas and by Arkansas authors. Please contact the AHRC office for information on specific titles.

To Order

You may mail, fax, or phone in your request. No rental fee is charged for using our materials. Please request materials at least three weeks before the preferred use date to allow us time to process the request. When requesting materials, indicate the date(s) you would like to use them. You may also indicate alternate dates in case the program is unavailable on the dates you prefer. If you give no alternate date, please indicate on the bottom of the order form whether the first available date closest to your requested date will be acceptable. Normally, materials are scheduled for a one-week period, Monday through Friday. Exhibits are scheduled for a two week period. We are also willing to discuss requests for longer loan periods. When your request has been scheduled, we will mail you a confirmation of the dates you will have the materials. Please retain the confirmation form for your records. AHRC will ship the requested materials a few days before the program date. You may also pick up materials at the AHRC office.

Returning Materials

The only expense to the borrower is return shipping. Return videotapes, CDs, DVDs, slide shows, and audio tapes either by UPS or the Postal Service. Please return items first class if sending them through the Postal Service. Exhibits may be returned by UPS or trucklines. You may also personally return materials to the Resource Center. It is not necessary to insure returned items. All materials must be returned on the last use day indicated on your confirmation letter. Usually, the last use day will be Friday. Because prompt shipping is necessary to meet all user's needs, it is essential that materials be returned on time.


Each user is asked to take time to complete the evaluation form enclosed with borrowed items. Please be sure to indicate how many attended the showing or display. If an exact count is not possible, please estimate. Also, please let us know if you encountered any technical problems.

Checklist for Returning Materials:

1. Re-wind videos.

2. Make sure all exhibit parts are packed.

3. Complete the evaluation form.

4. Identify damage or problems on the form.

5. Personally see that the borrowed items are mailed or shipped on the last use date.

Resource Center Shipping Grants

Since the Resource Center charges no fees for using materials in our collection, we normally expect borrowers to pay return shipping or postage costs. Non-profit organizations whose budgets for such costs are small are invited to apply to AHRC for resource center shipping grants. Through these grants, AHRC will reimburse borrowers up to seventy five dollars for postage or shipping charges incurred while using our materials. Ask for a resource center shipping grant application when you request your materials or e-mail us for more information.

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